Saturday, January 21, 2017

Saturday Selfie

Last week, I posted a selfie of me with Koira while looking at Christmas trees back in December. Here is the one I got of me and Ptera that same day.

Christmas Trees-1813
It helps that she looks at the camera when she hears the lens focusing.

My smile is kind of strange I think, but it was the one where Ptera looked the cutest, so I had to share it.

This is part of my effort to make sure I am getting in the picture with my dogs. I ask people to take pictures of me with them when I have the chance, but I realized I am missing out on having pictures of me with them whenever we are out and about by ourselves, so I wanted to make an effort to change that.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Power Bites Training Treats

I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Dog owners who do sports are always on the lookout for new, different training treats. The more options, the better it keeps the interest of our dogs. Sure, my dog will play flyball for just about anything from kibble on up. But when we are in a new and different environment and I want her full attention, having a good mix of treats of various values is essential.

Chewy Jan-2594

For me the hardest part is finding treats that are small enough, and that are soft. I prefer soft treats over hard because they are easier for the dog to take quickly in succession than a hard kibble or baked treat they need to chew. And with a tiny dog at only 10 lbs, finding small treats is even harder. When I had the opportunity this month to try out the Merrick Power Bites for, I was looking forward to seeing how these treats would work in our normal treat mix for training. (I am ultimately pretty lazy and forgetful, so treats that require refrigeration and/or being cut up in advance tend to be less appealing to me, though I do add some in occasionally for variety and for extra value.)

Chewy Jan-2600

These treats are small. They are smaller than a Zuke's Mini but not quite as small as the Zuke's Tiny that I review a few months back (the Zuke's Tiny are awesome for small dogs, they are super small and not at all hard- but I have yet to see them in stores, just online). Ptera absolutely loves them. I've been filling up our to-go treat container with these and Zukes and she is loving the mix. So, they are certainly dog approved. They don't make me gag because of their smell (the smell is actually very mild) which is a big thing if it is a treat I am going to carry around with me.

Chewy Jan-2601

As for the other things- Merrick is an awesome company with a great reputation. These treats are made in the US (the rabbit in these comes from France, rather than the US). And the ingredient list has no suspicious items listed. I chose to review Rabbit because I know it is always a favorite in my house, but Power Bites also come in Beef, Turducken, Chicken, and Salem in addition to the rabbit. All of the flavors are on sale right now as well, and range from $2.99 to $5.11 per 6 oz bag, which I find to be not just reasonable, but a great deal.

Overall, I think these treats are a win, and will make a regular appearance in our treat mix.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WW: A Gleneden Beach Sunset

Gleneden Beach January Sunset-2925
With a storm coming in, the waves were massive

Gleneden Beach January Sunset-2983
The sunset was vivid, and the dogs had a blast on the beach even as we were losing the light.

I have a ton more photos of this sunset, but these are two of my favorites. Both are of Ptera, one with her white standing out against the dark sand, and one with her silhouetted against the vibrant reflection of the sunset in the receding waves. I will be sharing some more photos over the next week or so as well. They are some of my favorite I have ever taken, and I am finding it hard to not just share all of them at once, but at the same time, want to share them in a way where they are most appreciated.